Content audits are the cornerstone of all good content strategy and can be cumbersome and difficult to stay on top of them and complete them regularly. We take the pain of out this process by creating a starting point and continue with regular services audits so you don't have to.


We deploy many different methods for studying and/or retrieving meaningful information for your web and document content. From readability, compliance and performance analysis we can help your organisation with an objective and measured view of the many different elements of your content.


We have experience with what good content is and where it should live and in what structures it should sit to achieve maximum benefit for your organisation. We can help with the quality writing , the engaging multimedia and the development of the shareable social engagement strategies. We can then keep a close eye on it and measure its performance.

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Our Audits

What Content Can We Audit For You ?

SEO Audits

Our SEO Audits are clean and clear and show exactly where improvements can be made and what the issues are currently with your website and content. We provide custom SEO Audits along with readability and measurability analysis when required.

Social Media Audits

An important part of your social media audit is evaluating your social media profiles. We create mission statements for each profile and audit it accordingly over a three month or six month period to get an understanding of what you need to do to build customers, fans, visitors or partners and on what engagement channel this needs to be done.

Readability Audits

We scan all of your web properties and /or documents to analyse how readable and clear they are. We use custom dictionaries to check for brand consistency, compliance and correctness or terminology. We then show you where the inconstancies are, the compliance issues and the inaccurate and unreadable areas of your websites and documents.

Full Site Content Audits

When you need a full site audit or have multiple properties which need auditing we are here to help. We can show you our Technical SEO Audit Crawls which are concerned with all crawlable content (among other things). Alongside this we provide Content audit crawls which are concerned with all indexable content, which are mainly for SEO purposes.

Competitor Benchmark Audits

We scan your website and those of your competitors for readability, clarity, performance, compliance and optimization. We then analyse where your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to those competitors and how to do better in the areas we feel best serve your organisation. We continue with the competitor benchmarking audits until we feel we have hit agreed key metrics.

Multimedia Audits

We run audits on your multimedia wherever you have collateral online, whether on your web properties or embedded into your social media channels. We analyse it and see if those videos, images or audio files are being optimised to their truest and most advantageous potential.


Many of us have been together as a team for a number of years and other have joined our ranks. All of us are Digital Marketing and Content Specialists. We love new content marketing and analytics tools, strategies and techniques and are passionate about our clients successes with their content and ultimate customer engagements.

The Good Word

What our Clients Say

“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.

James O Brien

“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.


“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.

Tony McIntyre

Content Logics not only audited our site a number of times they analyzed where we needed to be with the SEO performance and Social interactions in order to get more visibility and customers. Would highly recommend their content development services also. Professionals in every sense of the word.

Ciaran Collins


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